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Awlgrip Topcoats

Awlgrip Marine Paint

For years, serious boat owners have demanded Awlgrip coatings systems to protect their valuable investments from harsh marine elements. Awlgrip provides a durable high gloss finish to wood, fiberglass, aluminum or steel and can be applied with a roller, brush or spray gun. With its superior resistance to sun, saltwater, chemicals and abrasion, Awlgrip is ideal for coating everything from topsides, cabin tops, decks and masts to engines.

Color Description Color Code Quart Gallon
Whites - Click desired product to view pricing and order
Blue Tone White G8212 G8212QT G8212GL
Cloud White G8089 G8089QT G8089GL
Cream H8002 H8002QT H8002GL
Egg Shell White H8015 H8015QT H8015GL
Fleet White H8087 H8087QT H8087GL
Insignia White G8022 G8022QT G8022GL
Matterhorn White G8003 G8003QT G8003GL
Off-White Revisited G8009 G8009QT G8009GL
Off White G8010 G8010QT G8010GL
Oyster White H8139 H8139QT H8139GL
Snow White G8044 G8044QT G8044GL
Stark White H8208 H8208QT H8208GL
Vestal White G8004 G8004QT G8004GL
Grays & Blacks - Click desired product to view pricing and order
Graystone G1040 G1040QT G1040GL
Kingston Gray G1359 G1359QT G1359GL
Light Gray G1001 G1001QT G1001GL
Medium Gray G1007 G1007QT G1007GL
Pearl Gray G1008 G1008QT G1008GL
Whisper Gray G8035 G8035QT G8035GL
Super Jet Black G2017 G2017QT G2017GL
Blues - Click desired product to view pricing and order
Aristo Blue G5003 G5003QT G5003GL
Flag Blue G5002 G5002QT G5002GL
Ice Blue H5004 H5004QT H5004GL
Navy Blue G5001 G5001QT G5001GL
Royal Blue G5007 G5007QT G5007GL
Majestic Blue H5409 H5409QT H5409GL
Greens - Click desired product to view pricing and order
Aqua Mist H4365 H4365QT H4365GL
Dark Green H4024 H4024QT H4024GL
Forest Green H4094 H4094QT H4094GL
Jade Mist Green H4089 H4089QT H4089GL
Sea Foam H4256 H4256QT H4256GL
Red / Yellow / Orange - Click desired product to view pricing and order
Federal Yellow G9298 G9298QT G9298GL
Fighting Lady Yellow G9093 G9093QT G9093GL
Claret G7305 G7305QT G7305GL
International Orange G7362 G7362QT G7362GL
Sunfast Red G7214 G7214QT G7214GL
Toreador Red H7161 H7161QT H7161GL
Vivid Red G7367 G7367QT G7367GL
Custom Color Made to Order   Call Call
Moon Dust G6004 G6004QT G6004GL
Silver H1048 H1048QT H1048GL
Cordovan Gold H9178 H9178QT NA
Pale Gold H9182 H9182QT NA
Clear G3005 G3005QT G3005GL

Brushing Converters and Reducers

Part No.

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Spraying Converters and Reducers

Part No.

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Specification Data

Type: Two Component Linear Aliphatic Polyester Polyurethane
Color: See Color Card
Packaging: Available in 1 gallon and 1 quart containers.
Theoretical Coverage - Sq. Feet/Gallon

Brush/Roller Application: 700-725 Sq. Feet at 1 mil dry
285 Sq. Feet at recommended dry film thickness.
Recommended Wet Film Thickness: 4.5-6 mils (112.5-150 microns), total of 2 coats.
Recommended Dry Film Thickness: 2-3 mils (50-75 microns), total of 2 coats.
Recoatability:  Brush/Roller applications require at least 2 coats applied a minimum of 16 hours apart. AWLGRIP« topcoats which have been allowed to cure more than 24 hours must be sanded before recoating.

Product Components, Reducers, Additives, and
Auxiliary Components

AWLGRIP« Gloss Topcoat Base (Number from the Stock List)
AWL-CAT« #3 Brushing Converter H3002
Brush/Roller Reducer T0031

Surface Preparation

AWLGRIP« colors should be applied over properly prepared 545 Primer or in brush/roller applications AWL-QUIK« Primer.

AWLGRIP« High Gloss Clear G3005 can be applied over dark AWLGRIP« colors which have been sanded with 320-400 grit paper. Do not apply G3005 over white or pastel colors. Do not apply G3005 directly to bare wood.

Mixing & Reduction

Brush/Roller: Mix by volume two parts AWLGRIP« Topcoat Base Component with one part AWL-CAT« #3/H3002 Brushing Converter until one smooth, homogenous mixture is obtained. Reduce 25% to 33% with T0031. Overall mix is 2:1:3/4-1 by volume.
Example: 8 oz. Base, 4 oz. H3002, 3-4 oz. T0031.

Application Instructions

General: The primed surface must be clean and dry. Achieving maximum gloss and distinction of image requires the primer be smooth sanded with 220-320 grit paper before topcoat application. Using a contrasting mist coat of lacquer primer as a "guide coat" is recommended. Smooth sanding until all the "guide coat" is removed indicates a texture free surface.

Two to three coats are recommended for spray applications. Brush/Roller applications require two coats. Regardless of application method two coats is the minimum! Topcoating cannot be done in one coat!

Brush/Roller application: Apply AWLGRIP« Topcoat in two coats of 1.5 to 2.5 mils WFT each. Allow 16 hours between each coat. Sanding between coats with 280 to 400 grit paper will provide a smoother finish.

On large surfaces such as hull sides, transoms, and house sides, first roll the AWLGRIP« Topcoat and then smooth the roller stipple by lightly tipping the surface with a brush. This can be done with 2 painters working side by side (i.e., 1 rolling and 1 tipping), or with 1 painter rolling approximately 6 square feet and then tipping that area before rolling any further.

Do not apply paint materials to surfaces warmer than 105░F or colder than 55░F. Do not attempt to cure products at temperatures below 55░F.
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