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90 Series Alternators

Balmar now recommends 6 and 7 series alternators for all gasoline and diesel applications.  If you prefer to replace your old 90, 901, 91 or 912 Series alternator, please call for availability and pricing.

The old models will be available in limited quantities throughout 2004.

Model DC Volts Max Amps Min. Belt Output # Product Notes
90-75/90-75-IG 12 90 3/8" Single Single IG (Isolated Ground)
90-75-D 12 90 3/8" Single Dual  
90-100/90-100-IG 12 115 1/2" Single Single IG (Isolated Ground)
90-100-D 12 115 1/2" Single Dual  
90-150/90-150-IG 12 135 1/2" Dual Single IG (Isolated Ground)
90-150-D 12 135 1/2" Dual Dual  

Model 90-75 & 90-75-D Alternators
Ideal for use on smaller engines or in applications where amperage is maximized at lower engine rpm, Model 90-75 and dual-output Model 90-75-D alternators provide admirable amperage output with minimal horsepower load. These 75-amp models are recommended for engines equipped with 3/8" drive belts, and are ideally suited to battery loads in the 200-400 amp-hour range.

Model 90-100 & 90-100-D Alternators
Mid-power, 100-amp alternators in single and dual-output configurations, are the ideal choice for engines driven by a single 1/2" belt. Well suited for battery loads in the 400-600 amp-hour range, Model 90-100 and 90-100-D alternators deliver a solid performance curve across a wide range of engine speeds.

Model 90-150 & 90-150-D Alternators
High-output 150-amp alternators in single and dual-output configurations, provide exceptional amperage capacity  for charging systems driven by dual 1/2" belts. Well suited for battery loads in the 600-800 amp-hour range, Model 90-150 and 90-150-D alternators extend charging capabilities for vessels equipped with inverters, power hungry electronics and heavy-load load requirements such as refrigeration, air conditioning and power windlasses.

Model 901 Series Alternators
Available in both 75-amp and 100-amp models, the 901 Series is designed specifically for engines -- such as the Lehman Sabre, Lucas, and Perkins Volvo M Series -- which require a 60░ offset on the alternator's tensioning leg. 901-Series alternators also feature isolated grounding for installations requiring a non-grounded case.
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