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Product Description: Signal Mate Panel Mount Horn/Light Controller


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Signaling, during restricted visibility, can be difficult to maintain every two minutes, and it is hard to remember the correct sequence required by the United States Coast Guard (USCG). Radar, chart plotters and AIS units are valuable tools, but they do not fulfill what is required by the USCG and IMO 72 COLREGS for sound signaling during restricted visibility.

Signal Mate has an automated horn and light signaling controller.

Automated – Signaling (sequences and intervals). Just push a button.

Dedicated – VHF hailer type radio cannot transmit while signaling.

Hands free - Allows attention to be focused on the chart plotter, radar, personnel and operation of the vessel while maintaining required signaling.

Synchronized – Light and horn to be seen and heard. The horn gives the general direction, and the light pinpoints the vessel’s position.

Easy - Connects to existing horn and anchor light.

Signal Mate LLC has designed, patented and manufactured an automated horn controller that is in compliance with the USCG required restricted visibility signaling. This is the only controller that has a second independent output to allow the use of the 360 degree (anchor) light to be synchronized with the horn to be seen and heard during restricted visibility, night time maneuvering, danger/doubt, or emergency /distress for both International and Inland.
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