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Product Description: Woolsey Ablative Plus Gallon


$ 89.99





Ablative Antifouling Paint
•Dependable antifouling at an affordable price
• Ablative surface reduces build-up and eliminates sanding between coats
• Low Density Copper offers the performance of 37.5% cuprous oxide formula
Woolsey Ablative Plus is an economical, yet extremely effective ablative antifouling paint. Woolsey Ablative Plus provides excellent antifouling protection without the costs associated with high end antifoulants. Its ease of use, trusted performance and attractive price tag make it an excellent choice for use as a boatyard’s “house paint”. Equally effective on both power and sailboats, its ablative surface wears away over time, eliminating build up, and the need for sanding between coats. Woolsey Ablative Plus can be used on most previously painted surfaces that remain in good condition, without the need to remove old coatings or paints. No special primers are required except on bare metal. One or two coats per season are recommended for optimal performance.
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