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Centered and insulated forestay plus completely insulated joining sleeves make furling easier and gives less wear with no risk of corrosion

Unique, patented load distributor for easy furling and unrivalled bearing durability.

Highest grade marine stainless steel feeder for improved durability and service life.

Tack swivel with "free turn" combined with the uniform profile of the forestay extrusion gives a perfectly furled sail and effective performance when reefed.

Unique line guide system controls and centers furling line and arranges it on the drum.

Furlex 200S - 500S (6 - 16 mm forestay) are available with an optional internal turnbuckle. The turnbuckle is completely built into the drum, to ensure that it does not affect either the dimensions of the forestay extrusion or the height of the drum above deck. This ensures maximum sail luff length with the added benefit of tidy reefing.

The load distributor

The unique, patented design of the tack and halyard swivels ensures a more even distribution of forces over the ball races.

The patented double ball mechanism prevents point loading and allows the Furlex bearings to rotate with minimal friction even under extreme loads.

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FrlxSplitDrum.gif (21534 bytes) Furlex for racing

Drum and guard arm can be easily removed without undoing the headstay, so that the racing yachtsman can tack the genoa at deck level. Twin luff groves allow fast sail changes and also make goose winging two jibs possible.

Furlex foils

The torsionally rigid, aerodynamic foils are engineered to endure the twisting forces induced when reefing.

The full length bearing tubes reduce friction, center the stay, and prevent metal to metal contact between the aluminum foil and the stainless steel headstay. A serious consideration in the marine environment.

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The Furlex kit

The Furlex kit contains all parts require.

Included are:

Complete instructions which clearly describe assembly and handling, a new 1x19 headstay, a furling line, four stanchion mount lead blocks, two halyard retaining bails to provide the correct angle (complete with drill bit and self tapping screws), locking adhesive for the headstay terminal and a tube of Furlex grease.
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