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Guest Dynaplate Grounding Shoes

Guest Dynaplate
Dynaplate Grounding Shoes

Safety Benefits of Proper Bonding and Grounding
A proper bonding and grounding system using Dynaplate grounding shoes will not reduce the chances of a lightning strike on your boat. It will, however, reduce the possibility of severe hull damage and electrical shock potential.  A proper bonding and grounding system using Dynaplate shoe(s) will help provide a direct, controlled high-capacity path for lightning dissipation.

Enhances Electronic Performance
SSB and AM radio transmitters rely upon a proper size ground to operate to their designed capacity. A dynaplate grounding shoe helps provide a large solid surface (the water surrounding your boat) to "push off" from. This is technically known as "counterpoise", and the other necessary half of your antenna system.

The bronze Dynaplate material also serves as the next sacrificial metal on the galvanic scale after your zincs, providing another buffer against corrosion of stainless steel parts.

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Application Guide

Ground System

Dynaplate Size

Model #

Basic bonding an grounding

Standard (6"x 2"x1/2")



D-8 (8"x 2-1/2"x1/2")



Giant(12"x 3"x1/2")


SSB Radio

Super (18"x 6"x1/2")

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