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Whether racing or cruising, a free-running ball bearing traveler system makes all the difference in sail control.  Wind light?  Adjust the traveler to power up the main.  Is it blowing?  De-power by easing the car to reduce heel and maintain speed  ---  faster and easier than easing the main sheet and then struggling to re-trim.

Systems tailored for end-boom and mid-boom sheeting.  Use risers and high profile track to raise the traveler out of the cockpit.

Track Profiles

New Retrofit Options: Updated Captive Bearing Cars...Harken has has announced an update to its CB (captive bearing) traveler cars that allows cars to fit both captive bearing and older style non-captive track. While newer customers will notice no difference in style or function, for those with older non CB Harken tracks, the hybrid CB+ cars open up a range of configurations for owners of the pre-CB style track supplied until 2003. These owners can upgrade to the modern-looking solid aluminum car bodies known for their durability without replacing hard-to-remove track.

The new convertible version will replace all traveler cars, genoa leads, and Battcars in the 22, 27, and 32 mm ranges. 

Yacht owners with older sytstems can use all of the configurations available for the modern CB systems, such as low-profile ESP controls attached directly to the car, genoa lead cars with black racing-style sideplates, pivoting sheave catamaran cars, and soft attachments.

New cars are marked with a plus sign on one side for easy identification. Installation remains the same for CB track, while retrofitters can simply remove the retainer clip, remove the ball-routing corners, then use a ball loader to replace the bearings and transfer the car onto non-CB track. 

All convertible CB traveler cars are machined from solid aluminum and feature a hardcoat-anodized finish for exceptional corrosion protection and durability. Ball bearings run on precision-cut, hardcoat-anodized races for smooth trimming and easing.
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