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Hayne Rigging Terminals
Hi-MOD Compression Fittings

Hayn Marine is proud to introduce the Hi-MOD compression fittings, the latest generation of mechanical fittings available in the US Market. Engineered to improve on existing mechanical fittings, the unique design of the Hi-Mod fitting achieves this goal. The Hi-MOD fittings are co-manufactured by Hayn Marine and Petersen Stainless in the UK.

They are unique in a number of ways. The first is that the cone is longer than comparable fittings currently available. This spreads the load over a longer portion of the wire, as well as increases the compressive forces inside the fitting. The fittings use a crown thrust ring to assure even spacing of the wire around the cone. With the use of this crown thrust ring, we do not need to bend the wire around the top of the cone to achieve the proper seating depth of the cone in the body. The combination of these features greatly increases the fitting’s ability to handle fatigue, a critical component of any rigging part. Without bending the end of the wire, we are also able to greatly reduce the galling problem inherent in these fittings. We have increased the number of slots on the cones to allow for a more even transfer of the load throughout the wire. The cone is also made from stainless steel, so it is not required to replace the cone upon inspection and/or re-use. We do not recommend the use of sealant in the fitting.

With the Hi-MOD mechanical fittings, ease of assembly, increased fatigue resistance, and improved design are making these the most talked about mechanical fitting on the market today

Hayn Hi-Mod Swageless Rigging Terminals
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