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Interlux Schooner Varnish

Interlux Varnish
Schooner Gold Varnish

Schooner Gold has been formulated using an optimized blend of premium UV absorbers, HALS and resins to ensure the products exceptional deep gloss and color are retained over the lifetime of the coating. Developed as a high gloss yacht varnish, with a traditional golden hue, our tests results show that the gloss retention of Schooner Gold outperforms other leading varnish products, when tested in Florida over an 18 month period. Schooner Gold replaces our current Schooner product, where the higher build properties and improved self-leveling in this new formulation allow you to achieve a professional finish in 4-6 coats; sanding between every other coat, reducing your work time. Formulated for use without the need for thinning in warm and higher temperature climates.

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Advanced UV technology, high gloss yacht varnish with a traditional amber hue that enhances the color of natural wood. The exceptional deep gloss and color are retained over the lifetime of the coating.
* An optimized blend of UV absorbers, HALS and resins in our longest-lasting one-part varnish
* Higher-build, reduced work-time formulation with a more bodied feel and superior self-levelling qualities
* Achieve a professional finish in 4-6 coats; sanding after every second coat
* Formulated for use without the need for thinning in warm and higher temperature climates
* Suitable for all internal and external woods, including oily timbers such as Teak

Colour YVA500
Finish High Gloss
Specific Gravity 0.9
Volume Solids 48% 
Typical Shelf Life 2 yrs
VOC (As Supplied) 408 g/lt
Unit Size 1 US Pint (USA) , 1 US Quart (USA and Canada)

  50F 59F 73F 95F
Hard Dry [ISO] 12hrs 9hrs 6hrs 3hrs
Touch Dry [ISO] 4hrs 3hrs 2hrs 1hrs

Substrate Temperature
50F 59F 73F 95F
Overcoated By Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
Compass  16hrs  1mths  14hrs  1mths  12hrs  1mths  8hrs  1mths
Goldspar  16hrs  1mths  14hrs  1mths  12hrs  1mths  8hrs  1mths
Goldspar Satin  16hrs  1mths  14hrs  1mths  12hrs  1mths  8hrs  1mths
Inter-Prime Wood Sealer Clear  16hrs  1mths  14hrs  1mths  12hrs  1mths  8hrs  1mths
Jet Speed  16hrs  1mths  14hrs  1mths  12hrs  1mths  8hrs  1mths
Original  16hrs  1mths  14hrs  1mths  12hrs  1mths  8hrs  1mths
Schooner  16hrs  1mths  14hrs  1mths  12hrs  1mths  8hrs  1mths
Schooner Gold  16hrs  1mths  14hrs  1mths  12hrs  1mths  8hrs  1mths

In Good Condition: Clean with thinners. Sand with 280-320 grade (grit) paper. Remove sanding dust with thinners.
In Poor Condition: Remove all previous coatings. Apply 2-4 full coats, until a satisfactory finish is achieved. Sand after every second coat* using 320-400 grade paper. Remove sanding dust with a dust wipe.
BARE WOOD: Sand smooth with 80-180 grade paper and then 280 grade paper. Clean surface by brushing, dusting or wiping. If wiping with solvent then allow to dry completely before applying first coat of varnish.
OILY WOODS e.g. Teak: Must be adequately degreased (Brushing Liquid 333 is recommended) and prepared prior to application of Schooner Gold. Please ensure the surface is completely dry before applying the first coat. Prime, if required, with Clear Wood Sealer.

Brush/Roller: If Clear Wood Sealer has been omitted, apply the first coat thinned 50% with Brushing Liquid 333, second coat 25%. Following coats can be applied without thinning or can be thinned 5% with Brushing Liquid 333 if needed. Apply a further 4-6 coats, until a satisfactory finish is achieved. Sand after every second coat* using 320-400 grade paper. Remove sanding dust with a dust wipe.

* Initial aesthetics may be further improved by sanding between every coat.

Method Pour the amount you expect to use in a separate container. Avoid using direct from the can. Strain it through a paint strainer to ensure there is no contamination. Do not apply too thickly.

Hints Thinner Brush - Brushing Liquid 333. Spray - Special Thinner 216.
Thinning Thin first coat 50%, second coat 25%. When temperature <68F, thinning each coat 5% can be recommended to allow best finish.
Cleaner Brushing Liquid 333
Airless Spray Pressure: 176-210 bar/2500-3050 psi. Tip Size: 1365-1580.
Conventional Spray Pressure Pot: 1-2 bar 14.5-29 psi (gun pressure), 8-10 psi (air pressure) Tip Size: 1.8 mm/70 thou. Thin 25-30% with Special Thinner 216.
Brush Always use a clean brush that is kept specifically for varnishing. Clean brushes before use.
Roller If rolling, use a thin nap roller and "tip-off" with a clean natural bristle brush or pad otherwise air bubbles may become trapped in the film.
Other Stir well before use.
Spray pressures listed are recommendations only. The applicator may use any settings which yield the best results for the individual spraying technique and current weather conditions.
When applying Schooner Gold by brush or roller, it may be necessary to adjust the number of coats applied to ensure the total specified system dry film thickness is achieved.

Some Important Points Never leave bare wood exposed for long periods of time as it will absorb moisture. Avoid using Schooner Gold straight from the can as this will cause it to age prematurely and may introduce contamination to the can. Failure to follow proper dry times carefully will cause improper drying, wrinkling and loss of adhesion. Avoid painting in direct sunlight. Use above the waterline only.
Only use recommended thinners.

If maximum overcoating times are exceeded, sand with 280-320 grade paper.

Product temperature should be minimum 10C/50F and maximum 29C/85F.
Ambient temperature should be minimum 10C/50F and maximum 35C/95F.
Substrate temperature should be minimum 10C/50F and maximum 29C/85F.

Compatibility/Substrates Can be used direct onto oily woods such as Teak when thinned as for priming. Do not apply two part varnishes over one part varnishes.

Number of Coats Previously varnished wood: 2-4 full coats.
Bare wood: 2 thinned coats + 4 full coats.

Coverage (Theoretical) - 582.1 (ft/Gal) by brush/roller

(Practical) - 525.1 (ft/Gal) by brush/roller

Recommended DFT 1.4 mils dry
Recommended WFT 2.8 mils wet

Application Methods Airless Spray, Brush, Conventional Spray, Roller

Exposure to air and extremes of temperature should be avoided. For the full shelf life of this product to be realized ensure that between use the container is firmly closed and the temperature is between 5C/40F and 35C/95F. Keep out of direct sunlight.
The product should be kept in securely closed containers during transport and storage.

Safety GENERAL: Always use gloves and goggles and keep skin protected with overalls. Users should ensure they have a copy of the Material Safety Datasheet for this product and that they are familiar with all the safety directions before use. Read the label safety section for Health and Safety Information, also available from our Technical Help Line.

DISPOSAL: Do not discard tins or pour paint into water couses, use the facilities provided. It it best to allow paints to harden before disposal.
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