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M-68C S/Map

Find fish and yourself in dazzling color, at a highly affordable price! Features high-detail hydrographic mapping and an internal GPS+WAAS receiver.

Features a High-brightness 3.5" (8.9cm) diagonal 256-color, 1/4 VGA active matrix TFT transflective LCD.  Impressive 320V x 240H pixel resolution.  White LED backlit screen and keypad for night or low-light viewing.  Simplified keypad with Menu and Pages keys.  Overlay Data feature displays GPS information over sonar screen, and sonar information over GPS screens.  Space-saving case design with adjustable tilt, quick-mount/release convenience.

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Sonar Features
Depth penetration to 600 feet* (183 m)
True 800 watts peak-to-peak transmit power
Unique full-screen LCD flasher mode with COLORLINE™ displays real-time sonar readings
Other unique sonar features include: HyperScroll™, Advanced Signal Processing (ASP™), Advanced Fish Symbol I.D.™, FishTrack™, and more
2X and 4X zoom, with zoom-bottom-tracking
Auto or manual sensitivity, surface clarity, noise rejection, and depth range controls
Selective on/off shallow, deep, zone, and fish alarms
Low-profile high-performance 200 kHz Skimmer® - with built-in water surface temp sensor - optional sensors for livewell/baitwell temp and speed/distance log readings
Up to 60-degree coverage area using high sensitivity
Operates up to 70 mph (61 kts)

GPS/Mapping Features
Full 12-parallel channel GPS+WAAS receiver with advanced internal satellite antenna
Special built-in Lowrance high-detail hydrographic mapping of lakes, rivers, Great Lakes, and U.S. coastal waters with nav aids
Mega-memory saves up to 1,000 waypoints, 1,000 event markers, and 100 routes (up to 100 waypoints/route)
100 savable plot trails with up to 10,000 points per trail
42 graphic icons to mark important spots
40 map ranges - 0.02 to 4,000 miles - with easy zoom-in/out control
Off course/arrival/anchor alarms; trip calculator, sun/moon calculator; and Man Overboard features

Internal back-up memory keeps stored sonar settings and GPS data accessible for years
Completely sealed and waterproof for use in the harshest environments
Full one-year warranty

200 khz transducer
HS-WSU Part #106-51
Transom-mount, 20 degree skimmer (200kHz). Includes power cable. 


HST-WSU Part #106-48
Transom mount, 20 degree skimmer (200Khz) with built-in temperature. Includes power cable. 


HST-WSU30 Part #106-56
Transom mount, 20 degree skimmer (200Khz) with built-in temp sensor. Includes power cable. 30' cable. 


PD-WSU Part #106-52
Trolling motor mount or shoot-thru-hull, 20 degree pod type (200kHz). Includes power cable. 


PDRT-WSU Part #106-69
Thru-hull mount, 20 degree pod type with remote temperature (200 kHz). Includes power cable. 


PDT-WSU Part #106-50
Trolling-motor mount, 20 degree pod type with built in temperature sensor (200 kHz). Includes power cable. 


PT-WSU Part #106-54
Portable-mount, 20 degree skimmer (200 kHz). Includes power cable. 


PTT-WSU Part #106-55
Portable-mount, 20 degree skimmer with built in temperature sensor (200 kHz). Includes power cable. 


Gimbal Brackets and In-Dash Mounting Kits
GB-17 Part #113-16
Gimbal bracket.
GBSA-3 Part #113-26
Gimbal bracket swivel adapter. 


Portable Accessories
PPP-12 Part #16-42
Portable D cell/gel cell battery power pack (batteries not included). 


PPP-15I Part #16-45
Ice fishing portable accessory pack. Includes ice fishing transducer, custom soft-side carry case, battery and charger. 


Speed/Temperature Sensors
SP-U Part #99-76
Speed probe. 
ST-TU Part #99-75
Speed/temp probe. 


TS-2U Part #99-77
Temperature probe for Temp 2. 


Transducer Extension Cables
XT-15U Part #99-91
15' trasnducer extension cable. Includes power lead.
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