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Mustang Survival

The best Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is the one you wear. That's why choosing the PFD that best fits your favorite water sports activity is important. Foam vests are great for active in-the-water adventures while inflatable PFDs are quickly becoming commonplace in most other marine activities. Manually inflating PFDs are a good choice for people who are comfortable in the water and expect to be spending some time in it, such as paddlers or river fishermen. If you don't expect to end up in the water, but want the confidence of knowing that your PFD will inflate automatically in seconds if the unexpected happens, an automatic inflatable PFD is your best choice . Our exclusive HIT? (Hydrostatic Inflator Technology) automatic inflatable PFDs are perfect if you spend time in high humidity or wet weather.

Manual inflatable PFDs inflate by pulling the jerk tab that hangs from the PFD at waist-height whereas automatic inflatable PFDs inflate when immersed in water (or by manually pulling the jerk tab). All of our Inflatable PFDs provide 35 lb buoyancy when inflated and at least 3 1/4" of freeboard (distance between the mouth and the surface of the water). Remember to check your inflatable PFD regularly to ensure it is in good working order and ready to be called into action when needed.

Mustang Survival Inflatable PFD
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