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Ocean Graphics Alaska Charts
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OceanGrafix Charts
Alaska Charts

Sail with confidence
No other navigational aid gives you more confidence than a full-size, NOAA-approved, up-to-date nautical chart.

Up-to-date when you order
Cartographic data is downloaded daily to OceanGrafix from NOAA - so when we print your nautical charts “on demand”, you get the most up-to-date nautical charts available.

The best complement to chart kits and electronic systems
For the serious sailor! Since OceanGrafix charts are
more detailed and up to date than chart kits, they’re
the best backup to your electronic systems.

50 North Pacific Ocean (eastern part) Bering Sea Continuation
500 West Coast Of North America Dixon Entrance To Unimak Pass
513 Bering Sea Southern Part
514 Bering Sea Northern Part
530 North America West Coast San Diego to Aleutian Islands and Hawai‘ian Islands
531 Gulf of Alaska Strait of Juan de Fuca to Kodiak Island
16003 Arctic Coast
16004 Point Barrow to Herschel Island
16005 Cape Prince of Wales to Pt. Barrow
16006 Bering Sea-eastern part; St. Matthew Island, Bering Sea; Cape Etolin, Achorage, Nunivak Island
16011 Alaska Peninsula and Aleutian Islands to Seguam Pass
16012 Aleutian Islands Amukta Island to Attu Island
16013 Cape St. Elias to Shumagin Islands;Semidi Islands
16016 Dixon Entrance to Cape St. Elias
16041 Demarcation Bay and approaches
16042 Griffin Pt. and approaches
16043 Barter Island and approaches; Bernard Harbor
16044 Camden Bay and Approaches
16045 Bullen Pt. to Brownlow Pt.
16046 McClure and Stockton Islands and vicinity
16061 Prudhoe Bay and vicinity
16062 Jones Islands and approaches
16063 Harrison Bay-eastern part
16064 Harrison Bay-western part
16065 Cape Halkett and vicinity
16066 Pitt Pt. and vicinity
16067 Approaches to Smith Bay
16081 Scott Pt. to Tangent Pt.
16082 Pt. Barrow and vicinity
16083 Skull Cliff and vicinity
16084 Peard Bay and approaches
16085 Wainwright Inlet to Atainik
16086 Nakotlek Pt. to Wainwright
16087 Icy Cape to Nokotlek Pt.
16088 Utukok Pass to Blossom Shoals
16101 Pt. Lay and approaches
16102 Kuchiak River to Kukpowruk Pass
16103 Cape Beaufort
16104 Cape Sabine (Metric)
16121 East of Cape Lisburne
16122 Cape Dyer to Cape Lisburge
16123 Point Hope to Cape Dyer
16124 Cape Thompson to Point Hope
16200 Norton Sound; Golovnin Bay
16204 Port Clarence and approaches
16206 Nome Hbr. and approaches, Norton Sound; Nome Harbor
16240 Cape Ramonzof to St. Michael;St. Michael Bay;Approaches to Cape Ramanzof
16300 Kuskokwim Bay;Goodnews Bay
16304 Kuskokwim Bay to Bethel
16305 Bristol Bay-Cape Newenham and Hagemeister Strait
16315 Bristol Bay-Togiak Bay and Walrus Islands
16322 Bristol Bay-Nushagak B and approaches
16323 Bristol Bay-Kvichak Bay and approaches
16338 Bristol Bay-Ugashik Bay to Egegik Bay
16343 Port Heiden
16363 Port Moller and Herendeen Bay
16380 Pribilof Islands
16381 St. George Island, Pribilof Islands
16382 St. Paul Island, Pribilof Islands
16420 Near Islands Buldir Island to Attu Island
16421 Ingenstrem Rocks to Attu Island
16423 Shemya Island to Attu Island (Metric)
16430 Attu Island Theodore Pt. to Cape Wrangell
16431 Temnac Bay
16432 Massacre Bay
16433 Sarana Bay to Holtz Bay;Chichagof Harbor
16434 Agattu Island
16435 Semichi Islands Alaid and Nizki Islands
16436 Shemya Island; Alcan Harbor; Skoot Cove
16440 Rat Islands Semisopochnoi Island to Buldir l.
16441 Kiska Island and approaches
16442 Kiska Harbor and Approaches
16446 Constantine Harbor, Amchitka Island
16450 Amchitka Island and Approaches (Metric)
16460 Igitkin ls. to Semisopochnoi Island
16462 Andrenof. Islands Tanga Bay and approaches
16463 Kanaga Pass and approaches
16465 Tanaga Island to Unalga Island (Metric)
16467 Adak Island to Tanaga Island (Metric)
16471 Atka Pass to Adak Strait;Three Arm Bay, Adak Island; Kanaga Bay, Kanaga Island; Chapel Roads and Chapel Cove, Adak Island
16474 Bay of Islands; Aranne Channel; Hell Gate
16475 Kuluk Bay and approaches, including Little Tanaga and Kagalaska Strs.
16476 Sweeper Cove, Finger and Scabbard Bays
16477 Tagalak Island to Little Tanaga l.
16478 Tagalak Island to Great Sitkin Island;Sand Bay-Northeast Cove
16480 Amkta Island to Igitkin Island;Finch Cove Seguam Island;Sviechnikof Harbor, Amilia Island
16484 Atka Island to Chugul Island Atka Island
16486 Atka Island, western part
16487 Korovin Bay to Wall Bay-Atka Island; Martin Harbor
16490 Nazan Bay and Amilia Pass
16500 Unalaska l. to Amukta l.
16501 Islands of Four Mountains
16511 Inanudak Bay and Nikolski Bay, Umnak l.;River and Mueller Coves
16513 Unalaska Island Umnak Pass and approaches
16514 Kulikak Bay and Surveyor Bay
16515 Chernofski Harbor to Skan Bay
16516 Chernofski Harbor
16517 Makushin Bay
16518 Cape Kavrizhka to Cape Cheerful
16520 Unimak and Akutan Passes and approaches; Amak Island
16521 Unalaska Island Protection Bay to Eagle Bay
16522 Beaver Inlet
16528 Unalaska Bay and Akutan Pass
16529 Dutch Harbor
16530 Captains Bay
16531 Krenitzan Islands
16532 Akutan Bay, Krenitzin Islands
16535 Morzhovoi Bay and Isanotski Strait
16540 Shumagin Islands to Sanak Islands;Mist Harbor
16547 Sanak Island and Sandman Reefs; Northeast Harbor;Peterson and Salmon Bays;Sanak Harbor
16549 Cold Bay and approaches, Alaska Pen.;King Cove Harbor
16551 Unga Island to Pavlof Bay, Alaska Pen.
16553 Shumagin Islands-Nagai I. to Unga I.; Delarof Harbor; Popof Strait, northern part
16556 Chiachi Island to Nagai Island;Chiachi Islands Anchorage
16561 Mitrofania Bay And Kuiukta Bay
16566 Chignik and Kujulik Bays, Alaska Pen.; Anchorage and Mud Bays, Chignik Bay
16568 Wide Bay to Cape Kumlik, Alaska Pen.
16570 Portage and Wide Bays, Alaska Pen.
16575 Dakavak Bay to Cape Unalishagvak; Alinchak Bay
16576 Shelikof Strait-Cape Nukshak to Dakavak Bay
16580 Kodiak Island; Southwest Anchorage, Chirikof Island
16587 Semidi Islands and Vicinity
16590 Kodiak Island Sitkinak Strait and Alitak Bay
16591 Alitak Bay-Cape Alitak to Moser Bay
16592 Kodiak Island Gull Point to Kaguyak Bay;Sitkalidak Passage
16593 Chiniak Bay to Dangerous Cape
16594 Marmot Bay and Kupreanof Strait;Whale Passage;Ouzinkie Harbor
16595 Kodiak and St. Paul harobrs; Kodiak Harbor
16596 Womens Bay
16597 Uganik and Uyak Bays
16598 Cape Ikolik to Cape Kuliuk
16599 Bays and Anchorages, Kodiak Island Karluk Anchorage;Larsen Bay;Uyak Anchorage
16601 Cape Alitak to Cape lkolik
16603 Kukak Bay, Alaska Peninsula
16604 Shuyak and Afagnak Islands and adjacent waters
16605 Shuyak Strait and Bluefox Bay
16606 Barren Islands
16608 Shelikof Strait-Cape Douglas to Cape Nukshak
16640 Cook Inlet-southern part
16645 Gore Point to Anchor Point
16646 Ports of Southeastern Cook Inlet Port Chatham;Port Graham; Seldovia Bay; Seldovia Harbor; Approaches to Homer Hbr; Homer Harbor
16647 Cook Inlet-Cape Elizabeth to Anchor Point
16648 Kamishak Bay;lliamna Bay
16660 Cook Inlet-northern part
16661 Cook Inlet-Anchor Point to Kalgin Island; Ninilchik Harbor
16662 Cook Inlet-Kalgin Island to North Foreland; Drift River; Kasilof R. to Kenai R.; Rikiski
16663 Cook Inlet-East Foreland to Anchorage; North Foreland
16665 Cook Inlet-Approaches to Anchorage; Anchorage
16680 Point Elrington to East Chugach Island
16681 Seal Rocks to Gore Point
16682 Cape Resurrection to Two Arm Bay; Seaward
16683 Point Elrington to Cape Resurrection
16700 Prince William Sound
16701 Prince William Sound-western entrance
16702 Latouche Passage to Whale Bay
16704 Drier Bay, Prince William Sound
16705 Prince William Sound-western part
16706 Passage Canal incl. Port of Whittier; Port of Whittier
16707 Prince William Sound-Valdez Arm and Port Valdez;Valdez Narrows;Valdez and Valdez Marine Terminal
16708 Prince William Sound-Port Fidalgo and Valdez Arm;Tatitlek Narrows
16709 Prince William Sound-eastern entrance
16710 Orca B. and ln.-Channel ls. to Cordove
16711 Port Wells, including College Fiord and Harriman Fiord
16712 Unakwik Inlet to Esther Passage and College Fiord
16716 Naked Island to Columbia Bay
16723 Controller Bay
16741 Icy Bay
16760 Cross Sound to Yakutat Bay
16761 Yakutat Bay;Yakutat Harbor
16762 Lituya Bay; Lituya Bay Entrance
17300 Stephens Passage to Cross Sound, including Lynn Canal
17301 Cape Spencer to Icy Point
17302 Icy Strait and Cross Sound;Inian Cove; Elfin Cove
17303 Yakobi Island and Lisianski Inlet;Pelican Harbor
17311 Holkham Bay And Tracy Arm - Stephens Passage
17312 Hawk Inlet, Charham Strait
17313 Port Snettisham
17314 Slocum and Limestone Inlets and Taku Harbor
17315 Gastineau Channel and Taku Inlet;Juneau Harbor
17316 Lynn Canal-Icy Str. to Point Sherman;Funter Bay;Chatham Strait
17317 Lynn Canal-Point Sherman to Skagway;Lutak Inlet;Skagway and Nahku Bay;Portage Cove, Chilkoot Inlet
17318 Glacier Bay; Bartlett Cove
17320 Coronation Island to Lisianski Strait
17321 Cape Edward to Lisianski Strait, Chichagof Island
17322 Khaz Bay, Chichagof Island Elbow Passage
17323 Salisbury Sound, Peril Strait and Hoonah Sound
17324 Sitka Sound to Salisbury Sound, Inside Passage;Neva Str.-Neva Pt. to Zeal Pt.
17325 South and West Coasts of Kruzof Island
17326 Crawfish Inlet to Sitka, Baranof I.;Sawmill Cove
17327 Sitka Harbor and approaches;Sitka Harbor
17328 Snipe Bay to Crawfish Inlet, Baranof l.
17330 West Coast of Baranof Island Cape Ommaney to Byron Bay
17331 Charham Strait Ports Alexander, Conclusion, and Armstrong
17333 Ports Herbert, Walter, Lucy and Armstrong
17335 Patterson Bay and Deep Cove
17336 Harbors in Charham Strait and vicinity Gut Bay, Chatham Strait;Hoggatt Bay, Chatham Strait;Red Bluff Bay, Chatham Strait;Herring Bay and Chapin Bay, Frederick Sound;Surprise Hbr, and Murder Cove, Frederick Sound
17337 Harbors in Chatham Strait Kelp Bay;Warm Spring Bay;Takatz and Kasnyku Bays
17338 Peril Str.- Hoonah Snd. to Chatham Str.
17339 Hood Bay and Kootzmahoo Inlet, Chatham Strait;Killsnoo Harbor
17341 Whitewater Bay and Chaik Bay, Chatham Strait
17360 Etolin Island to Midway Islands, including Sumner Strait;Holkham Bay;Big Castle Island
17362 Gambier Bay, Stephens Passage
17363 Pybus Bay, Frederick Sound;Hobart and Windham Bays, Stephens P.
17365 Woewodski and Eliza Hbrs.;Fanshaw Bay and Cleveland Passage
17367 Thomas, Farragut, and Portage Bays, Frederick Sound
17368 Keku Strait-northern part, including Saginaw and Security Bays and Port Camden;Kake Inset
17370 Bay of Pillars and Rowan Bay, Chatham Strait;Washington Bay, Chatham Strait
17372 Keku Strait-Monte Carlo Island to Entrance Island;The Summit;Devils Elbow
17375 Wrangell Narrows;Petersburg Harbor
17376 Tebenkof Bay and Port Malmesbury
17377 Le Conte Bay
17378 Port Protection, Prince of Wales Island
17379 Shaken Bay And Strait, Alaska
17381 Reb Bay, Prince of Wales Island
17382 Zarembo Island and approaches;Burnett Inlet, Etolin Island;Steamer Bay
17383 Snow Passage, Alaska
17384 Wrangell Harbor and approaches;Wrangell Harbor
17385 Ernest Sound-Eastern Passage and Zimovia Strait;Zimovia Strait
17386 Sumner Strait-Southern part
17387 Shakan and Shipley Bays and Part of El Capitan Passage;El Capitan Pasage, Dry Pass to Shakan Strait
17400 Dixon Entrance to Charham Strait
17401 Lake Bay and approaches, Clarence Str.
17402 Southern Entrances to Sumner Strait
17403 Davidson Inlet and Sea Otter Sound;Edna Bay
17404 San Christoval Channel to Cape Lynch
17405 Ulloa Channel to San Christoval Channel;North Entrance, Big Salt Lake;Shelter Cove, Craig
17406 Baker, Noyes, and LuluIslands and adjacent waters
17407 Northern part of Tlevak Strait and Uloa Channel
17408 Central Dall Island and vicinity
17409 Southern Dall Island and vicinity
17420 Hecate Strait to Etolin Island, including Behm and Portland Canals
17422 Behm Canal-western part;Yes Bay
17423 Harbor Charts-Clarence Strait and Behm Canal Dewey Anchorage, Etolin Island;Ratz Harbor, Prince of Wales Island;Naha Bay, Revillagigedo Island;Tolstoi and Thorne Bays, Prince of Wales ls.;Union Bay, Cleveland Peninsula
17424 Behm Canal-eastern part
17425 Portland Canal-North of Hattie Island
17426 Kasaan Bay, Clarence Strait;Hollis Anchorage, eastern part;Lyman Anchorage
17427 Portland Canal - Dixon Entrance to Hattie I.
17428 Revillagigedo Channel, Nichols Passage, and Tongass Narrows;Seal Cove;Ward Cove
17430 Ketchikan Harbor
17431 N. end of Cordova Bay and Hetta Inlet
17432 Clarence Strait and Moira Sound
17433 Kendrick Bay to SHipwreck Point, Prince of Wales Island
17434 Revillagigedo Channel;Ryus Bay;Foggy Bay
17435 Harbors in Clarence Strait Port Chester, Annette Island;Tamgas Harbor, Annette Island;Metlakatla Harbor
17436 Clarence Strait, Cholmondeley Sound and Skowl Arm
17437 Portland Inlet to Nakat Bay
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