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037 Polar Curve Module

The purpose of the Polar Module is to give the Ockam System optimum (POLAR) boatspeed and target boatspeed displays, and access to ship's performance data to calculators and computers. The displays are useful for giving the crew a goal to strive for, since the display shows the theoretical speed the boat should be making. The combination of a polar module and one of the computer or calculator interfaces allows real-time solution of course-to-steer problems.

Polar Boatspeed
This display shows the polar curve (theoretical) boatspeed for the present conditions of true wind. A polar curve is a table of boatspeeds for any given set of true wind conditions (true wind angle ßt and true wind speed VT). The boatspeed entry in the table at VT=10 knots and ßt=45 degrees is supposed to be the speed of your boat in 10 knots true, sailing upwind with a tacking angle of 90 degrees. With access to such a table, you can figure out how fast you will be going when the front comes through, or after you round a mark.

Target Boatspeed
This display shows the boatspeed at your best VMG for the present true wind speed. Its function is to show the boatspeed you should be making when sailing upwind or downwind. If your boat-speed is lower than TARGET, then you should foot off, and vice versa.


Dimensions: 4-3/4" W x 3-1/2" H x 1-1/2" D
Mounting: #10-24 x 5/8" Bolts on 4-1/4" x 3" Ctrs.
Weight: 1 Lb.
Orientation: Any
Accessories: Mounting Hardware 2 Display Cards
Power Requirements: 25ma
Fuse: 250ma Picofuse (back board)
Mating Connector: BUS: BNC Female (UG-89/U)


 • Your polar curve information has to be loaded into CMOS EPROM memory chips (27C16's which hold 1 polar or 27C32's which hold 2) either by you or by one of the performance pre-diction services. Each polar has to have a unique POLAR Number programmed into it at loca-tion 0008. This is the number that the module looks for depending on the setting of the POLAR Number switch or command

 • Open the polar module by unscrewing the 4 screws at the bottom of the mounting holes, and pulling the lid straight off.

 • The chips containing your data are inserted into the sockets on the circuit board attached to the lid (see below). If you have 1 chip, put it in the socket marked U1. If you have two, either one can be installed in either socket. The chip has a semicircular notch on one of the narrow sides, which MUST be positioned to the left as shown. Failure to properly install the EPROM will destroy it.
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