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Tryad T1 CPU

The Tryad T1 CPU is the brain of the Ockam system. It gathers information from various interface components, controllers and serial ports, calculates outputs, and sends data to displays and other data targets. The CPU also includes a clock and calendar which provides various timing functions to the system.

The T1 steps up to a new level of performance and capability. T1 is an update of Ockam’s familiar standard model 001 CPU - the venerable gray box which acts only as a power supply and data processor, all sensor inputs and auxiliary functions provided by “upstream” interfaces – and is fully backward compatible with earlier system parts. The Tryad CPU with upgraded switching power supply and PC104 based processor includes a number of important functions at CPU level. Processor speed and computing horsepower are boosted far beyond the 001’s Z80 chip, with software modification and upgrade access enhanced through Compact Flash storage. Enhanced T1 models feature Internet Protocol connection, and virtual serial port data routing.

T1 Tryad CPU Features
♦ Selectable Processor type (8086 to Pentium level)
♦ Efficient switching power supply
♦ Software storage and updates via Compact Flash
♦ GPS direct connection to CPU
♦ RS-232 (PC) direct connection to CPU
♦ Polar file storage in CPU
♦ NMEA Serial input (Compass or Depth)
♦ Optional IP connection
♦ Optional Virtual Serial Port
♦ 12 Volt bypass tap to power outboard device
♦ Lighter Weight, expandable enclosure
♦ Backwards Compatible with pre-Tryad Ockam systems


Dimensions: 12-1/2" W x 9" H x 4" D
Mounting: #10-24 x 2" Bolts on 9-1/2" x 4-5/8" Ctrs.
Weight: 4 Lb.
Orientation: Any
Power Requirements: 10.5-28 VDC at 7 watts plus requirements of all other modules.

Power: 4 AMP Miniblade automotive fuse
Ground: 10 Amp Picofuse
Signal: 250ma Picofuse

Mating Connectors:
Power, Lights: Pigtail (Terminal strip)
Ockam Bus: BNC Male (UG-88/U)
Ethernet Bus: Weatherproof RJ-45 RS232: DB9 female (DCE)
GPS: DB9 male (DTE)
NMEA: Pigtail (Terminal strip)

Two switches control power and lights, or may alternatively be controlled through the power cable wiring. Trouble lights aid in diagnosing signal and error problems.
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