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T1 Tryad CPU

Unisyn Processor

Tryad T2 Wind/Speed/NMEA
Tryad T3 Serial Interface

Boatspeed Interface

Wind Interface

Depth/Temp Interface

Heading Interface

Polar Curve Module

GPS Interface

Rudder Angle Interface

RS-232 Interface

Magnetic Card Displays
Matryx Displays

Magnum Displays





Ockam Instruments

The Ockam instrument system provides function-based information helpful to the success and safe operation of sailboats. It takes in data from various sensors (e.g. boatspeed, heading, wind, position), derives further data (e.g. true wind, current, Vmg) and displays it all on displays.

The system is modular with a central processor. Modularity allows the system to adapt to a wide range of needs, while a central processor gives the program access to all data as it goes about calculating its outputs. Systems which use distributed processing (e.g. displays that calculate wind direction from apparent wind data) have two disadvantages; They rely on display versions of their inputs, and don’t generally have access to secondary but important inputs such as heel.

We sell, service and calibrate Ockam systems for our customers in the Annapolis area.  We believe that installation and optimization of these systems is best left to trained professionals.

Please call for quotations on Ockam Instrument Systems

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