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simrad ap24
4.5" x 4.5"

Simrad Autopilots
AP-24 Autopilot Packages

The AP24 autopilot packages use the AP24 controller which features a compact design, ideal for boats with limited mounting space, and an easy to read, highly visible display. Excellent for all types of leisure craft.

    Key Features
  • Clear Display - The large numeric data readings are visible from a distance.
  • Smooth Rotary Controller - Make fine adjustments to your course with ease.
  • Dodge Function - The dodge function allows you to navigate around obstructions without disengaging your autopilot.
  • Virtual Rudder Feedback - Eliminates the need to fit a rudder position sensor, which saves both time and money on tight installations such as outboards and stern drive boats.
  • Advanced Wind Steering - It's possible for the Pilot to use wind and navigation information, when shared on a network with an IS20 system and chartplotter, to assist you in sailing most efficiently to your destination.
  • Auto Tuning - Optimum performance without the need for expert calibration.
  • Fully Waterproof - Certified to IPX6 (from front)
  • SimNet Network - Features two SimNet connections for sharing data across your network. NMEA2000® compatible.
  • Intuitive Menu - Operate your autopilot easily, without the need for extensive manual reading.
  • Integrated Turn Patterns - A range of integrated turn patterns assist you with fishing, diving, or simply recovering a lost fender.
  • No Drift Mode - Combining the power of the autopilot and the GPS via the SimNet network allows you to operate in no drift mode. This counteracts the effect of wind and tide to ensure your track remains straight or true over the ground.
  • Constant Depth Tracking - Data shared with the echo sounder over the SimNet network allows the Pilot to follow the line of the seabed, and remain in a constant depth of water.
  • Rate Of Turn Control - Ensures smooth and precise turns regardless of the sea state. Excellent for tacking and gybing of sailboats.
  • Data Pages - View vital instrument data on the autopilot controller via the SimNet network.
  • Matches IS20 Instruments - Mount the autopilot controller near an IS20 instrument for an aesthetically pleasing result.
Autopilot Packages Include:
AP2401: AC12 Comp, RC42 Rate Compass, Simkit-1 and RF300 Feedback - Requires Drive (with SimNet)
AP2402: AC42 Comp, RC42 Rate Compass, Simkit-1 and RF300 Feedback - Requires Drive (with SimNet)

Part No.

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Autopilot Drives (Sold separately)

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Drive Unit Applications:

  • RPU-80 Drive - For hydraulic steering w/ 12 cu. in. max ram capacity
  • RPU-160 Drive - For hydraulic steering w/ 22 cu. in. max ram capacity
  • HLD-350 Drive - 8" Stroke reversible hydraulic linear drive unit for mechanical steering - Max Displacement = 26,400 Lbs.
  • HLD-2000 Drive - 13" Stroke reversible hydraulic linear drive unit for mechanical steering - Max Displacement = 44,000 Lbs.


Virtual Rudder Feedback
This unique feature, recently introduced to Simrad autopilots means that no rudder feedback unit is needed for outboards and stern drive boats. In terms of installation, you will save a huge amount of time and aggravation thanks to this sophisticated new feature.

Automatic Tuning
Simrad AP24 Autopilot include a number of self calibrating features that automatically compensate for the unique handling characteristics of your boat and sea conditions, insuring optimum performance without the need for expert manual calibration.

Simrad engineering ensures that you can always go to sea in the confidence that your Autopilot is pin-point accurate and highly reliable. The AP24 boasts state of the art technology so you know you’ll be safe, you know you’ll hit your way points and you know that you’ll arrive on time. But what about en-route? What can the Simrad AP24 Autopilot do for you?

Contour Steering
This unique Simrad feature utilizes data from your fi shfi nder or depth instrument to maintain a set water depth, just as if you were manually steering your boat along depth contours on a paper chart. This leaves you free to concentrate on the big catch, enjoy the shoreline view or trim your sail.

Advanced Wind Steering
The AWS feature provides unbeatable autopilot performance for any sailing vessel. AWS is ideal for single-handed sailing or racing. Utilizing wind and
GPS data simultaneously, it is possible to hit long distance waypoints dead-on, without deviating from the original course line or build-up of signifi cant
cross track error.

Rate Of Turn Control
Simrad AP24 Autopilot is equipped with advanced control algorithms that enable smooth and precise turns regardless of sea conditions. This feature also improves tack and gybe performance on sailboats.

Data Pages
Simrad AP24 Autopilot includes a number of data pages where you can view autopilot parameters such as compass heading, set course, rudder position, as well as information received from other SimNet compatible equipment such as GPS navigation data and Simrad IS20 Instruments wind, depth and speed data.

Multi-Station Operation
Expanded multi-station compatibility offers several control options including use of Simrad AP28 Autopilot control unit. Any future autopilot control units will also work thanks to the SimNet system.

Control Options
Simrad offers a range of extra display and control options for Simrad AP24 Autopilot:
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