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Genesis Expandable LCD Charting System

With Virtually Unlimited Expandability, Charting is just the beginning!  Genesis is where truly state-of-the-art nav stations begin.  Whether Cruiser, Sportfisherman or both, you'll love the way Genesis accepts input from a variety of navigation and video sources to become a comprehensive, fully intergrated nav info center.  Take a look at everything the powerful and intuitive Genesis can do!

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Part Number Description
Genesis 10.4"active matrix color C-MAP NT charting system w/ trunion mount , unique IR and hardwired remote controller, remote conrtoller mounting bracket, power cable, (3 meter), sun visor, vinyl weather cover, & operators manual.
Genesis/ES Sames as above, includes 600w dual frequency built-in sounder/fishfinder.
RADARpc for Genesis Radar sensor and D-sub plug only required for use with Genesis.
Audio/Video Adapter Includes TV Tuner, FM Stereo Tuner, & connections for up to 3 video cameras. (12vdc)
ES Option Retrofit sounder fishfinder PCB's to convert standard Genesis


In it's most basic configuration, Genesis is a premium charting system with a lightning quick CPU and a large active matrix LCD to display graphics so dynamic and colors so vivid it's nothing short of stunning.
  • C-MAP NT charting with large 10.4" active matrix color LCD display.
  • High-speed CPU for fast tracking and instant cartographic redraws.
  • Dual C-Card slots for C-MAP NT cartography.
  • Tidal information for selective ports worldwide from local C-Card.
  • GOTO key allows one button navigation to your desired destination.
  • Remote control unit give you the convenience of wireless infrared or hard-wired operation.
  • Precision cursor control to plot, scroll, pan, zoom, and place waypoints, events, marks, and to control on-screen VRM and EBL
  • Position displayed when connected to GPS. Perfect for use with optional SI-TEX GPS-10 and DGPS-11 model sensors.
  • Numerically indicates speed, course, distance, arrival time, STG, temp and depth.
  • Plotter works in North-up, Head-up or Course-up modes, with GPS input.

SIT Genesisscreen.gif (11219 bytes)

Split-screen feature allows you to monitor radar and fishfinder presentations simutaneously

Optional Radarpc radar sensor sends radar images directly to the Genesis display and overlays radar images on C-MAP NT charts for easier interpretation.

  • Multi-selectable range scales form 1/8 to 24 nautical miles.
  • 2kW power output.
  • Powerful HELP function describes each feature in the menu and assists in radar set-up and operation
  • Easy-to0use quick access menu system provides fast operation..
  • On-screen cursor displays position, range and bearing to targets, aiding navigation in congested areas.
  • Off-center display shifts in any direction for expanded views without changing range scales.
  • Rain clutter rejection (FTC) and SEA clutter (STC) controls, help spot targets in poor conditions.
  • On-screen trail plotting indicates relative course and speed of moving targets.
  • Compact, lightweight radome antenna measures just 12.4" and weighs only 9.9 lbs.

The multi-featured Genesis becomes an entertainment center with the optional Audio/Video adapter.

  • Displays TV programming with built-in TV tuner.
  • Watch your favorite video's using the VCR input.
  • Listen to your favorite music with built-in FM stereo tuner, just add speakers.

When connected to option video cameras, Genesis lets you monitor important areas of your vessel such as the engine room, children's quarters or deck areas.

  • Scan feature allows video input from up to 3 cameras in regular preprogrammed intervals. 
  • Provides "real time" views to aid when docking, eliminating blind spots from the bow and stern.
  • Easy-to-use controls let you switch instantly from one input source to another to monitor various navigation and information displays on demand.
  • Video camera display can be full screen or shown in sub-screen.  Other sub-screens can be displayed when connected to optional input sensors.


 SIT Genesisscreen2.gif (12796 bytes)

With the optional dual-frequency fishfinder PCB, Genesis gives the Sportfisherman a clear view of the action below.

  • Dual frequency (50/200 kHz) and a 600W (RMS) transmitter provides professional results.
  • Split-screen feature allows you to monitor fishfinder and charting system presentations simultaneously.
  • Bottom Lock and Bottom Zoom functions.
  • HI/LOW frequency displays.
  • Much more!

IT'S FUTURE-READY. Genesis is ready to accept future add-ons as they become available, including a SSB weather fax input to display satellite imagery, isobar maps and more.  Genesis is one of the most powerful command and control integrated systems available to today's mariner.

IT'S AVAILABLE NOW! With its high quality construction and performance, plus a limited two-year warranty, Genesis is designed to appeal to all boat owners who are ready to make the upgrade to an "all-in-one" navigation and information station.  Whether you are building a new nav station from scratch or simply want to simplify and unclutter your existing one, Genesis is the perfect beginning.



LCD 10.4" VGA TFT 640 x 480 pixels
Displays Chart Plotter, Radar, Camera, TV, Navigation, Fishfinder, Compass, Surface Water Temperature
Power Requirement 10.8 to 31.2V DC
Power Consumption 40W approx.
Input/Output Formats  NMEA-0183


Cartography Dual slots for high-definition C-MAP NT cartridges, Worldwide basic chart
Scale Across The Screen  1/8 to 4000 nm
Track Memory 10,000 points x 5 tracks
Track Intervals Time: 1 sec. to 60 min.
Distance:  0.01 nm to 5 nm
Navigational Data Speed, Course, Distance, Bearing, Time To Go, Arrival Time To Waypoint
Display Modes True:  NU
Relative:  NU, CU, HU
Event Marks (Symbols) 10,000 points
Waypoint Marks 1,000 points
Alarms Arrival, Cross-Track Error, Anchor Watch, Interval Timer


Antenna 0.9' Radome
Beam Width 7║ (Horizontal), 25║ (Vertical)
Rotation 30 RPM
Transmitting Frequency  9445 + 30 MHz
Output Power  2 kW
Bearing Accuracy 1║
Range Accuracy 1%
Minimum Detectable  Range Better than 20M
Sidelobes Better than -20 dB
Range Scale 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 nm
Power Requirement 10.8 to 31.2V DC
Power Consumption 30W or less
Functions Gain, STC, FTC, Interference Rejection, Target Expansion, Trail, Off Center
Ambient Temperature -13║ F to 131║ F (-25║C to +55║C)
Wind Velocity 100 knots


Display Modes Normal, Auto Range, Shift, Auto Shift, Bottom       Zoom, Bottom Lock, Temperature Graph
Frequency 50/200 kHz
Depth Ranges* 20 to 2000 Ft (5 to 600 M and Fa)
Image Speed 8 levels plus freeze
Output Power 600W RMS (4800W peak-to-peak)
Alarms Bottom Alarm, Fish Alarm, Temperature Alarm
Functions  Auto Gain, STC, Interference Rejection, Power Control, Color Rejection, Noise Rejection, Color Priority, A-Scope, White Line
  • Chart Plotter Display Unit
  • Wireless/Wired Remote Controller
  • Protective Cover for Display Unit
  • Sun Hood
  • Installation Materials
  • Spare Parts
  • Operation Manual
  • Chart Card (C-MAP NT Cartridge)
  • GPS Antenna Unit GPS-10A or GPS-10C with 33' cable
  • Differential GPS, DGPS-11 Sensor with 33'cable
  • RADARpc Radar Sensor with 33' cable
  • Dual Frequency 50/200 kHz Transducer
  • Temperature Sensor 
  • Speakers with amplifier
  • Audio Video Adapter including TV/FM Stereo Tuner
  • Video Camera
*Depth ranges are for presentation only. Actual depth capability of depth sounders depends on quality of installation, type of bottom, salinity of water etc.
IMPORTANT NOTICE:  SI-TEX Electronic Charting Systems and C-MAP NT Navigation Charts are not designed to replace standard government charts. Any electronic navigation device should be operated along with the prudent use of reliable manual backup material.
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