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Turbo Lube Hub Kits

Turbo Lube oil bath lubricating system rotates individual roller bearings over four times through oil for each wheel revolution keeping your hub and bearings cooler, reducing wear and friction, and actually increasing tow vehicle mileage. The unique see through threaded oil cap assures a leak proof seal and let's you know if your bearings have adequate lubrication for the next long run

NOTE: Fits all wheels with a center hole of 2.90" or larger, may not fit all 8" to 13" wheels.

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1. Remove wheel from hub.
2. Remove hub dust cap, cotter key or flange washer, spindle nut and thrust washer.
3. Remove old hub from spindle.
4. Assemble new hub. Set bearings as shown, if not already preassembled.
5. Wipe spindle clean, check for any noticeable wear or rust.
6. Place a thin coating of oil or grease on spindle surface.
7. Mount Turbo Lube Hub.
8. Tighten the spindle nut with a 1/2 inch torque wrench to approximately 40 ft. lbs.
Turn wheel in both directions to confirm wheel turns freely.
9. Turn back spindle nut 1/6 turn maximum to the nearest cotter key or flange washer
locking position. Wheel should turn smoothly with no end play or wobble.
10. Place the Turbo Lube O-ring over the threaded portion of the Turbo cap.
11. Install oil cap, turn clockwise, snug by hand and then turn 1/4 additional turn.
Do not over tighten.
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