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Trident Marine Hose

Marine Hose is a vital part of your boat. It's used in lieu of pipe because it is flexible and it provides better and easier installations, especially where tight spaces, movement and vibration are a factor (typical in most boats). As plumbing they deliver, circulate and discharge the fluids (liquid and gaseous) for most operating systems (engine, generator, exhaust, bilge, drainage, live well, sanitation, potable and grey water, ventilation, gas appliance, climate control, etc.) and they are often connected as an extension of a hole in your boat (above and below the water line).

Trident Rubber Inc. was founded by Bill Shields in 1985 in the Pittsburgh, PA area. This followed a hostile takeover of Shields Rubber Corporation, a third generation family business in which we owned the largest, but not controlling interest. Shields Rubber was a large industrial rubber and hose distributor with seven locations (two of which also specialized in marine hose). Five years after the take over, Shields Rubber was sold, and its marine hose division was spun off to Sierra Supply, then to Morse Controls, and then to Teleflex. They remain a competitor with no family connection.

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