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XM Weather Services

Please call 1-800-985-9200 to create an XM account and activate the service. An XM representative will walk you step-by-step through the process, which takes only a few minutes. Please have your personal information and payment method available.


Service Products
*Subscription Price (monthly) $29.99 $29.99 $49.99
Radar Summary      
Weather Warnings U.S. U.S. U.S./Can
City Forecasts U.S. U.S. U.S.
Surface Observations U.S. U.S. U.S./Can
Radar Coverage U.S. U.S. U.S./Can
High Resolution Doppler Radar U.S./P.R. U.S./P.R. U.S./P.R.
High Resolution Radar     Can
Precipitation Type (at surface) U.S./Can/P.R. U.S./Can/P.R. U.S./Can/P.R.
Surface Analysis Weather Maps U.S./Can/P.R. U.S./Can/P.R. U.S./Can/P.R.
Marine Weather Statements U.S. U.S. U.S./Can/P.R.
Marine Lake Statements U.S. U.S. U.S./Can/P.R.
Marine Forecasts U.S. U.S. U.S./Can/P.R.
Marine Zone Forecasts U.S. U.S. U.S./Can/P.R.
Sea Surface Temperature U.S./Can/P.R.   U.S./Can/P.R.
Wave Height (Pacific + Atlantic) U.S./Can/P.R.   U.S./Can/P.R.
Buoy Data U.S./Can/P.R.   U.S./Can/P.R.
Surface Pressure U.S./Can/P.R.   U.S./Can/P.R.
Wave Period (Pacific + Atlantic)   U.S./Can/P.R. U.S./Can/P.R.
Wave Direction (Pacific + Atlantic)   U.S./Can/P.R. U.S./Can/P.R.
Surface Wind Speed/Direction   U.S./Can/P.R. U.S./Can/P.R.
Satellite Mosaic     U.S./Can/P.R.
Surface Pressure Forecast: 12, 24, 36     U.S./Can/P.R.
Wave Direction Forecast: 12, 24, 36     U.S./Can/P.R.
Wave Period Forecast: 12, 24, 36     U.S./Can/P.R.
Surface Wind Speed/Direction Forecast: 12, 24, 36     U.S./Can/P.R.
Wave Height Forecast: 12, 24, 36     U.S./Can/P.R.
Visibility     U.S./Can/P.R.
Visibility Forecast: 12, 24, 36     U.S./Can/P.R.
Marine Coastal Forecast     U.S./Can/P.R.
FishBytes     U.S./Can
Severe Weather Storm Tracks     U.S./P.R.
High Seas and Offshore Forecasts     U.S./Can/P.R.
Hurricane Track     U.S./P.R.
Storm Echo Tops     U.S.
Lightning     U.S.
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